About Me

My interest in working to overcome inequality and advance a cause greater than myself began in the early years of my child hood when I witnessed injustices on a regular basis. My family attended Catholic services at both the upper-middle class and mostly White cathedral and at a basement church in a poor African-American community, which was only a few miles from my own. The stark differences in the access to education, housing, employment, and health care between the two communities instilled in me gratitude for the privilege I had and a desire to help others overcome the inequalities that kept them in poverty. My childhood experiences inspired me to pursue a career in both social work and public health.

Though I found my social work experiences very satisfying, this led me to aspire to make change on a larger level, and I pursued a masters degree in public health.

Fruits of our Garden

Fruits of our Garden

My long-term goals are to contribute to an international development organization operating to empower women and improve their health globally through research, evaluation, and health communication. An internship in India would help me achieving my goals by giving me experience working in an international development organization.

I love gardening, pottery, horses, my dogs and of course my wonderful husband.

I am leaving for India September 3rd. If you would like to see my travels and keep up with my work helping women in India please flow my blog http://www.toindiaimprovehealthwomen.wordpress.com



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