Syrian Electronic Army claims responsibility for several online attacks

It is interesting that after the Syrian government accused the United States and the UN of false accusations, that this came out. It makes you wonder why the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) did not come forward last week.

Any thoughts about the legitimacy of this cal aim?

Where do you think this new information will leave the international community in their decision to take action?


After the New York Times went dark due to an “external attack,” pro-Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad hacktivist group Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) began posting a number of tweets that claim to have disrupted the DNS servers for many popular media websites — including Huffington Post and Twitter UK.


The SEA has boasted of its exploits by altering the directory entries of the Times, as well as the US and UK divisions of Twitter and Huffington Post UK. The Times and Twitter UK remain offline as of this writing, but the US division of the microblogging platform and the Huffington Post remain live.  There remains a possibility for further damage, so it’s unclear whether the SEA’s activities will force them offline in the future.

The SEA is continuing to make threats against Twitter’s international websites, indicating that the platform will likely be the major target of the hacktivist group…

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