Access to Health Insurance vs. Access to Health Care (#ACA)

images-3 copyWith the increased coverage of health insurance provided by the #AffordableCareAct in the United Staes, there is hope that those who do not have access to health services will now be abel to access quality care. One area related to health care access and quality I think was not addressed is physical access to health services and treatment. I believe this applies to both #developingCountries and here in my home country, the United States.

Some research I conducted in Baltimore City Maryland reviled that a large proportion of residents (87%) in the state had health insurance through their employer or a government program. But, despite having health insurance, the all-cause mortality rate among whites is 851 and among blacks is 1104(1), and blacks in Baltimore have a shorter life expectancy than whites. Additionally individuals of with the lowest income report 26.3% of unmet medical needs compared to 1.1% for individuals in the highest income bracket.(2) Why is this?

I think that this is due to a vertical medical model that requires that the patient come to the service provider. In Baltimore City as well as developing countries #transportation is a major barrier to individuals getting any health care, let alone quality care. Access to quality health care needs to go beyond the conversation of access to health insurance.

What do you think? What are other barriers to accessing health care?

1.Baltimore City Health Department,

2.Baltimore City Health Department,


About Sara J. Taylor

Social Worker, PHMasterStudent,UMB; JHSPH, Global Health Promotion;maternal, Child Health Twitter@SaraJAnnapolis
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