Child Mortality in Ethiopia

Success in Addressing Under Five Mortality in Africa

SBFPHC Policy Advocacy

In Ethiopia the “Under 5Mortality Rate has gone down by 25.9 percent from 166/1000 deaths (2000) to 123 (2005). Currently the Governments’’ target is to reduce the …Under 5 Mortality Rate to 85 per 1000 live births.” [1]

The Ethiopian Government has many hurdles to overcome. One area that they have been successful is in the reduction of the rate of child mortality under the age of 5. The Committing to Child Survival Report (2012) states that Ethiopia was one of the nine low-income countries that reduced the under 5-mortality rate by 60%.[2] I believe that this success is due to the Health Ministries’ endorsement of Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses developed by the Government in 1997.[3] This includes training and empowering village members and caretakers to standardize and institutionalize “village” health care delivery. One of the three Priority actions supported by UNICEF is the use of

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